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AAM represents a carefully chosen, small but perfectly formed selection of actors, actor-singers, actor-musicians, actor-dancers and triple threats, all of whom have a diverse, interesting and useful range of skills.

We keep our list small in order to thoroughly get to know everyone individually, keep up with their skill set, advise, encourage and help them to achieve their career aspirations.

AAM plans to put on showcases periodically, whether online or live, when this is possible, so that you will be able to see all of our talent in one place!  These showcases will often be geared specifically towards TV/film or theatre and we will always invite appropriate industry professionals.  Our actors will also be free to invite those industry professionals they particularly wish to target.

Why choose Astral Actors?

All of our actors are not only compelling, believable, engaging and versatile, with ability to take direction well, they are also reliable, hard-working, conscientious, friendly team players – always willing to do their fair share of any get-ins, get-outs etc.  These are actors who get repeat business because they are the full package – talented individuals who get on with everyone, produce the goods and are great to work with.  When our actors commit to a project, they won’t let you down!

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Our Talent

Anastassia Popova

Actor-Singer, Estonian

April Nicholson

Actor-Singer-Dancer, British

Carla Boss

Actor-Singer, American, Trinidadian

Clara Maria Rose

Actor-Singer, German

Colin Pinney

Actor, British

Eloise Jones

Actor-Singer-Dancer, British

Hélène Le Bohec

Actor-Dancer, French

Mansel David

Actor-Singer, Welsh

Maria Cleopa

Actor, Russian

Neil Berrett

Actor-Musician, British

Orsolya Nagy

Actor- Dancer, Hungarian

Reece Skinner

Actor-Singer-Musician, British

Samantha Parry

Actor, Rugby, Stage Combat, British

Zoë Jessica

Actor, British

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Our Talent

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